Welcome to IRAS Active Analytics

“With acknowledgement of the role that nuclear power has in decarbonisation comes two challenges for the UK nuclear industry – to demonstrate to investors that decommissioning can be undertaken safely and efficiently, and to maintain public confidence in nuclear power by robust and transparent environmental monitoring at new and existing plants. 

Much of this work will be underpinned by analysis undertaken by site and supply chain laboratories, who play a small but vital role in the industry infrastructure.  Listening to waste characterisation and environmental monitoring professionals over the past year, I have become convinced that the current analytical supply chain will struggle to deliver over the next decade. 

As a result, I have decided to launch IRAS Active Analytics, a new company built on experience and expertise that can be traced back to one of the first nationally accredited radionuclide testing laboratories in the UK, IRAS Limited, established in 1988.   

In doing so, I am delighted to be joined by former colleagues who bring a wealth of expertise and experience and form a solid foundation on which to motivate and develop the next generation of radiochemists and analysts.  I am delighted to also have the support of several experienced private investors, who bring invaluable financial management expertise as well as investment. 

Using the benefits of a lean SME to provide a responsive customer focussed service and reliable project delivery, we are all committed to delivering a new standard in laboratory analysis to our customers.” 

Andrew Frith