Quality Assurance

“To reliably meet customer requirements, quality assurance must be built in, not bolted on.”

Andrew Frith 

Our focus on QA  

To meet it’s intended purpose, quality assurance must be embedded within a company’s systems. With this in mind, IRAS Active Analytics have carefully developed laboratory systems with the aim of making “doing it right” the line of least resistance. 

Phase 1: Accreditation Plan 

With the majority of our staff having decades of experience working in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, IRAS Active Analytics have method development and validation well underway.  This is  supported by participation in Proficiency Test Exercises (PTEs) run by NPL and Aquacheck.   

We are currently working on Phase 1 of our accreditation programme, with the objective being to obtain accreditation for our quality management system and a modest number of higher demand analyses.   

Our Phase 1 programme aims to have us submit an application to UKAS early in 2022 for the following: 

Phase 2 …

Once established, IRAS Active Analytics will extend accreditation to meet specific matrix / determinand combinations in accordance with customer requirements and market demand.